Crisp Apple Refresher Cocktail

Crisp Apple Refresher Cocktail

This crisp apple cocktail is sure to warm you up on a cool night.

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Crisp Apple Refresher Cocktail

Apples are everywhere this time of year and what a better way to cozy up in a warm flannel by the fire other than with a signature apple cocktail. One of my favorites is made up of most things found in the pantry during the fall season which makes this a super simple drink to whip up. I like to serve this with savory appetizers since it is on the sweeter side. It’s kid friendly if the vodka is omitted so that’s always a plus in my household. This cocktail is also delicious blended.

  • What you’ll need:

    A drink shaker

    Approximately 2 cups of ice 

    A 16 oz glass

    A sharp knife

    A cutting board

  • Drink Ingredients:

    Apple cider

    Apple pie spice


    Apple juice 

    Plain soda water 

    One apple for garnish


1. In the drink shaker add half of the measured ice. 

2. Over the ice pour 2oz preferred vodka, a dash to taste of apple pie spice, 4oz apple juice, and 4oz apple cider then shake well.

3.  In drinking glass place the rest of the ice and pour your cocktail over the ice with a splash of soda water

4. Thinly slice the apple into whole round slices by laying the apple on its side 

5. Make a small slit in the apple slice and place it on the rim of your glass

6. Enjoy with or without a straw

This crisp apple cocktail is sure to warm you up on a cool night.