Cookie & Cream Iced Coffee

This Oreo iced coffee is a decadent breakfast treat! Real Oreos are melted in coffee to give this drink an authentic Oreo flavor.

  • Don’t let the milk burn. Heat the milk and Oreo centers on low heat. Use just enough heat to melt the cream centers. Remove the mixture from the stove as soon as the mixture is smooth.
  • Ingredients

    • ½ cup -  coffee
    • ½ cup -  whole milk
    • 2 - whole Oreos
    • 5 - Oreo cream centers
  • Directions

    1. Pour hot, freshly prepared coffee over two full Oreo cookies. Let it sit for a few minutes until the cookies have broken down. Stir to fully dissolve the cookies.
    2. Pass the coffee mixture through a strainer. There will be some cream chunks that do not fully dissolve. Separate these and discard them.
    3. On a small pan over low heat, heat the Oreo centers and the milk, stirring to melt the Oreo cream centers. Don’t let the milk boil. Heat only until the centers have melted.
    4. Remove the pan from the stove and let the mixture cool for a few minutes.
    5. Mix the Oreo coffee mixture together with the milk and Oreo cream mixture in a glass filled with ice. Optionally top with whipped cream and extra Oreo cookie crumbs. Enjoy!

Tip: Use almond or oak milk to make this

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