S'mores Iced Coffee

This S’Mores Iced Coffee is creamy, chocolatey, filled with marshmallow fluff and has a fun chocolate and graham cracker rim! It’s a caffeinated S’More in a glass!

The excuse we’ve all been looking for to eat S’Mores for breakfast!

  • Ingredients

    • 1/4 Cup - Espresso
    • 1/4 Cup - Marshmallow fluff
    • 1/2 Cup - Whole milk
    • 1 TBSP - Chocolate syrup
    • 1/2 TBSP - Granulated sugar (optional) 
  • Directions

    • Combine hot coffee/espresso with marshmallow fluff and stir until the fluff has almost melted.
    • Pour coffee/marshmallow mixture into your blender along with the milk, 1 tablespoon chocolate syrup and optional sugar.
    • Blend on low until everything has been fully incorporated.
    • Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and then pour the coffee over that.
    • Shake until chilled.
    • Fill your drinking glass with ice and strain the coffee over the ice.
    • Top with whipped cream, an extra chocolate drizzle, and graham cracker, if desired and serve immediately!

Optional chocolate/graham cracker rim

crushed graham crackers

chocolate syrup

Optional toppings

whole graham crackers

whipped cream

chocolate sauce for drizzling

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