Aquarian Thai Iced Tea

Is the Aquarius Zodiac. Aquarians are spontaneous, confidents, and slightly rebellious. Thai Iced Tea is both as innovative and creative as an Aquarian. It’s vibrant color and smooth texture create the beautiful combination of this creamy and declious iced beverage.

  • Drink Ingredients:

    2 Bags - Thai tea brewed and cooled

    3.5 OZ - sweetened condensed milk

    1 Cup - ice

    1-2 OZ - spiced rum or vodka (optional)

  • Directions

    1. Buy pre-made Thai tea or steep your own and chill it before your ready to make your drink
    2. Pour sweetened condensed milk into cooled Thai tea and stir thoroughly
    3. Pour over ice

    4. Enjoy!

This quick and easy drink is amazing anytime of day, anytime of the year as a refreshing drink or you can add spiced rum or vodka to give it an extra kick!

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