Cinnamon Brown Sugar Fireside Coffee

The combination of the sugars from the brown sugar and fat content from the butter and make it so you don’t crash from the caffeine in the coffee making you essentially bulletproof. This coffee will be your new favorite after one sip.

  • Drink Ingredients:

    1 TBSP - Butter
    2 TBSP - Brown Sugar
    2 OZ - Half n Half
    10 OZ - Espresso/Coffee

  • Directions

    STEP I

    In small saucepan melt butter and
    stir until the milk fat solids begin to
    brown. There will be a nutty aroma
    to the butter
    Add brown butter to the half n half
    brown sugar combination and froth
    with brother or shake in mason iar
    with lid
    In large coffee cup mix half n half
    and brown sugar then microwave
    for 40 seconds
    Pour your coffee over the frothy
    mixture and stir

Nothing says winter time like cold weather and short days, so give yourself a one up this winter season with this delicious and energy building bullet coffee!

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