Honey Vanilla Oat Milk Latte

If you’re looking to switch up your coffee routine with something slightly sweet, give this healthy iced coffee recipe a try. This non-dairy recipe is perfect for the morning or for an afternoon pick-me-up with the right amount of sweetness, flavor, and caffeine.

This non-dairy iced vanilla honey latte recipe takes only 5 minutes to make, and can be served hot or over ice.

  • Ingredients

    2 oz - Brewed Espresso
    2 oz - Oat Milk

    1 1/2 TSP - Honey
    1/2 TSP - Vanilla Extract
    2-3 - Ice Cubes (if desired)

  • Directions

    • Pour fresh espresso immediately into a glass.
    • Add only honey to the glass and whisk until the honey is completely dissolved and blended thoroughly
    • Pour the oat milk and vanilla extract into the glass, and stir well.
    • Throw in 2 to 3 ice cubes and enjoy!

Tip: Use cold brew coffee ice cubes to keep your drink from getting watery.

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